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Hi Gorgeous!

Welcome to Bella Mechelle Cosmetics! We are a 100% handcrafted, natural cosmetics company, and we’re dedicating ourselves to you for help with your skincare needs. We believe that natural beauty and extraordinary confidence are qualities that everyone deserves to have. Every single one of our products are formulated with natural ingredients to bring out your natural beauty. Getting dolled up for a night on the town is great, but you deserve to enjoy your skin when it’s free. Let’s face it, nothing beats naked skin. So put your best face forward and let your confidence shine with Bella Mechelle Cosmetics!

Why Bella Mechelle Cosmetics?

So, you want to know why you should you purchase our product instead of one of our competitors? The answer is simple. You should purchase our products because they are investments; you’re investing in your skin and making a commitment to flaunt the best skin that you can possibly have. We pride ourselves on having simple products that produce grand results. We only use natural ingredients that are derived from our Earth: fruits, botanical additives, and vegetable derivatives. You’ll never find any unsafe chemical additives in our products.

-Opening November 2014-

Nothing beats naked skin!