Ancient Beauty Secrets You Need To Know

Cleopatra's Skin Care Secrets

We all grow up prancing around in our princess dresses and clanking in our kitten heels not knowing what it really takes to uphold the crown. Newsflash ladies: we’re grown now, and we’re queens. The immaculate queens of our past never passed up an opportunity to pamper themselves and neither should you.

Here’s the thing: in case you hadn’t noticed, there are thousands of products on the market that claim to have antiaging benefits and revitalizing properties. This may be true, but when they contain thirty-something ingredients you can’t even pronounce, how are you supposed to trust the company or their product? Back in the day, people had no choice but to rely on natures gifts.

The charismatic ambiance of Cleopatra made her an idol then and now, and her beauty only made her even more desirable. Let’s spill some of her skincare secrets!

  • Milk and Honey Bath:  This simple DIY bath treatment is great for dry skin, which is why it’s my favorite. The fats in milk are great for hydrating dry skin, and same goes for the honey. Bathing with honey is a great way to trap moisture into your skin before applying your lotion or body cream.  Take three parts of milk (I like whole coconut milk) and two parts raw honey, add them to running water in your bath, and soak. Obviously, it’s best to do this with moderately hot water so pores are open. It’s easier for your skin to get hydrated when your pores are open.

Milk and Honey

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  • Rosewater:  Young minds think toners are for old ladies. In reality, they’re needed to keep your skin from tragically succumbing to gravity and deeply opened pores. The list of benefits of using a toner is pretty extensive, but now I’ll just rave about rosewater. It softens and rejuvenates skin, and leaves your face with a fresh, floral scent. And the glow it leaves you with? Don’t even get me started.You can find tons of rosewater products on the market, but my favorite is from Loccitane. I saw a huge difference in the elasticity and softness of my skin when I started using it and its great for a refreshing pick me up spray.


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If you’re into all things DIY, check out Dulce Delight’s video on making your own rosewater.  She made her rosewater specifically for cakes but you can use the same recipe for your toner.

  • Castor Oil Scalp Treatment:  A head full of long locks is a sign of beauty in many cultures. Hair regimens are essential for retaining and gaining length. Hot oil treatments are used to soften the hair and encourage growth. Typically, lighter oils like olive or coconut are used so they don’t weigh the hair down. Cleopatra took her treatments to the next level. It’s Cleopatra, did you really expect her beauty routine to be a snoozefest? She’d take castor oil (which is AMAZING for hair growth), and massage it into her scalp. This stimulates the hair follicles and encourages blood to flow to the scalp. Eventually, this leads to hair growth. Castor oil is high in Vitamin E, and it helps hair grow in shorter amounts of time. To boost this treatment, you can do one of two things:-Try adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your castor oil before you massage. Peppermint oil is the ultimate blood circulation stimulator. I’ve personally experienced fast hair growth with a peppermint oil and castor oil mixture.-Get into a hot shower while the treatment sits on your scalp. Doing this allows your pores to open up, and the mixture will penetrate even deeper than just sitting on your scalp.

Castor oil

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I go nuts over natural beauty remedies. They’re so much healthier for your skin, and leave it feeling better than commercial products. What are some of your beauty secrets? Let’s chat!

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